Semester Soundtracks

Fall 2012: 38 Songs, 8 Games, 9 Artists (1 hour / 76 MB)

Spring 2013: 26 Songs, 7 Games, 6 Artists (35 min / 29.5 MB)

Fall 2013: 43 Songs, 8 Games, 11 Artists (1 hour 15 min / 92.2 MB)

Spring 2014: 33 Songs, 8 Games, 6 Artists (1 hour / 70.4 MB)

Fall 2014: 27 Songs, 8 Games, 7 Artists (32 min / 36.8 MB)

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CrashTest Teamwork

Download for Mac (zip - 117MB), Download for Windows (zip - 115MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Kartik Kini: Project Lead, 3D Modeler, UI Designer
Taylor Andrews: Level Designer
Cameron Barge: Main Menu Programmer
Ben Bohannon: Networking, Back End Programmer
Chris Burgess: Sound Effects
DTK: Main Menu Music
John Fiorentino: Level Design
Emma Hargrave: 3D Modeler
Alex Johnson: Back End Programmer, Front End Programmer
Dhruv Karunakaran: 3D Modeler
James Lee: Level Designer
Aaron McAnally: Level Designer, Front End Programmer, Back End Programmer
Adrian Rodriguez: Level Designer
Arihan Shah: Level Designer
Tim Trent: Voice Acting
Scott Wise: Music
Daniel Xiao: 3D Modeling


Download for Mac (zip - 102MB), Download for Windows (zip - 100MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Peter Aquila: Project Lead, Programming, Level Design
Nick Shooter: Project Lead, Level Design, Programming, Music/SFX, Art
Arend Castelein: Programming, Level Design
Daniel Xiao: Level Design, Art
Larry Smith: Art, Character Animation
Andy Xue: Programming, Level Design
Michael Chi: UI Art

Delta Battery

Play In-Browser (Flash)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Alexander Huynh: Team Lead, Programming, Artwork
Gavin Figueroa: Programming
Jesse Chen: Programming
Nick Shooter: Music, Sound Effects
Michael Standard: Music
Daniel Xiao: Artwork


Download for Mac (zip - 32MB), Download for Windows (Zip - 30MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Chris Tansey: Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Technical Art
Jordan Hobgood: Music, Audio Programming, Testing
Kartik Kini: GUI Design, GUI Programming
Anna Hedden: Character Sprite Animation
Paul Loebs: Environment Sprites
Jamal Rhodes: 3D Modeler, 3D Textures, 3D Animations
Garrett Leach: Sound Design
Thomas Sulkoske: Sound Design
Cheng Hann: Level Design, Testing
Jacob Watson: Level Design
Peter Aquila: Testing
Matthew Ielusic: Programming

Dream State Machine

Download for Windows (zip - 73MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Connor Brinkmann: Project lead, Game Architect, Programming, Animation, World design
Mitchell McClellan: Sound programmer, Item programmer/designer, Character design/animation
Jeremy Feltracco: Game input programming, Controller support programming
Aaron Andrews: Prop programming
Matt Schmidt: Linux assistance
Ho Keun: Tutorial World programming/design
Ojan Thornycroft: Rendering programming, world transition programming
Jonathan Hunter: Additional Enemy programming
Patrick Sewell: Menu design/art, additional Sound effects, Health bar design
Larry Smith: Character design/animation, Item design
Nicholas Shooter: Composer for Ice World, Temple world, Grass world
Xena Grant: Composer for Nightmare world
Caylen Lee: Composer for Credits
Robbie Thomas: User Testing
Chase Melton: User Testing
Idean Behforouz: User Testing
Matthew Guzdial: User Testing
Elliot Outland: User Testing


Download for Windows (zip - 22MB), Download for Mac (zip - 24MB), Download for Linux (zip - 34MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Larry Smith: Modeling/Animation
Connor Brinkmann: Art, Animation, Level Designer
TJ Bright: Enemy AI
Peter John: GUI Art
William Bell: Logo, Concept Art
Eli Sanders: Concept Art
Jonathan Hunter: Project Lead, Programming, Art, Level Design

A Spire Of [Insert Title Here]

Play In-Browser (Unity)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Matthew Guzdial: Project Lead
DeAndre Divers: 4 Levels
Jason Libbey: Turret Art + Programming
Daniel Dias: UI Programming + Design
Andre Giron: GridPoint Art + Programming
Joseph Cantrell: Background Art + Enemy Art
Bharath Kalidindi: Turret Design
Kevin MacLeod: Music (Creative Commons)

Legend In The Stars

Download for Windows (zip - 33MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Johnnie Tirado: Project Lead, Programmer
Mateo Nasiatka: Programmer
Peilin Li: Programmer
James Lee: Artist
Nadine Promes: Artist
Veronica Parra: Artist
Stephanie Santillan: Artist
Nick Shooter: Music
Thomas Bright: Writer

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