Semester Soundtracks

Fall 2012: 38 Songs, 8 Games, 9 Artists (1 hour / 76 MB)

Spring 2013: 26 Songs, 7 Games, 6 Artists (35 min / 29.5 MB)

Fall 2013: 43 Songs, 8 Games, 11 Artists (1 hour 15 min / 92.2 MB)

Spring 2014: 33 Songs, 8 Games, 6 Artists (1 hour / 70.4 MB)

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Super Wacky Fast Time Fun Time Madness

Play In-Browser (Unity), Download for Windows (zip, 5 MB), Download for Mac (zip, 20 MB), Download Source (zip, Unity, 45 MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Nicholas Shooter: Project lead, Programming, Microgame programming/art/SFX/music, music, SFX
Jonathan Hunter: Lead programmer, Microgame programming/art/music
Alyssa Kuncaitis: Lead UI designer, Single Player UI, Multiplayer UI, Microgame art
Larry Smith: Lead artist, Microgame art, UI art
Daniel Dias: Microgame programming/art, Controller Programming
Michael Chi: Main Menu UI
Carey MacDonald: Microgame programming/art
Aaron McAnally: Microgame programming/art
Priscilla Han: Microgame art
Brooks Withrow: Microgame art
Matthew Guzdial: Microgame programming/art
Dean Yaniger: Microgame SFX
Anna Hedden: Microgame art
Bahman Patel: Microgame art


Play In-Browser (Flash)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Alexander Huynh: Team Lead
Dhruv Karunakaran: Design, Background Music (Terrorbyte)
Andrew Han: Background Music (Cognitive Emptiness)
Priscilla Han: Design, Playtesting

Zone of Inaccessibility

Play In-Browser (Unity, 33 MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Jon Tyson: Lead Designer
Daniel Dias: Level Modeler
Chris Tansey: Enemy Designer
Erica Pramer: GUI Designer
Jay Belmont: Modeler
Jordan Hobgood: Sound Engineer


Play In-Browser (Unity), Download for Windows (zip, 136 MB), Download for Mac (zip, 138 MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Eric Cook: Project Lead, Animation, Level Design, Art, Character Design
Neal Kaviratna: Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Level Design
Kartik Kini: UI
Priscilla Han: Character Design
Maria Moersen: Background Art
Courtney Hegener: Character Design
Nicholas Shooter: Music, Level Design
Charles Lee: Character Design
Larry Smith: Music
Robert McIndoe: Programming
Peilin Li: Programming
Chris Tansey: Data Programming
Chimy727: Addl.Music via NewGrounds
Darkmoor: Addl. Music via NewGrounds

Fire on a Dark Planet

Download for Windows (zip, 9 MB)
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
Peter Aquila: Project Lead, Programming, Design, Art, Sound Effects
Larry He: Design, Logo Art, Background Art, Game UI, Sound Effects
Nicholas Shooter: Music
Larry Smith: Music, Background/Scenery Art
Dhruv Karunakaran: Music


PC Download
State of Progress: 100% Complete

Developer Credits:
James Liu: Project Lead/Programmer/Level Design
Larry He: Level Design
Chris Tansey: Level Design
Priscilla Han: Art
Anna Hedden: Art
Connor Brinkmann: Art/Sound Effects
Larry Smith: Art
Alexander Huynh: Art
Nick Shooter: Music/Sound Effects
Caylen Lee: Music
Dhruv Karunakaran: Music/Sound Effects

Stay Silent

Play In-Browser (Unity)
State of Progress: Mostly Complete

Developer Credits:
Emma Hargrave: Project Lead
Alissa Hartenbaum: 3D Models
Chris Tansey: Monster Navigation
Dhruv Karunakaran: Music, 3D Models
James Liu: Monster Navigation
Jay Belmon: 3D Models
Jordan Hobgood: Music
Kartik Kini: 3D Models, UI
Matthew Guzdial: Code
Paul Askins: 3D Models, Art
Sasi Viriyayuthakorn: 3D Models

Detective D

Coming soon to iOS devices!
State of Progress: Mostly Complete

Developer Credits:
Amy Fang: Character Art
Caylen Lee: Music
Nicholas Shooter: Music
Priscilla Pun: Background Art
Stephen Song: UI Design/Art, Story, Bomb Assets/Level Design
Xiaohan Hua: Project Lead, Programming, Story, Level Design
Special Thanks: Priscilla Han, Xiaodong Hua, Trish Tieu

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